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and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure


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miXile - sound - art - convergence. Ambient electronic music and sound art

and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure

white horse - sleeve notes

Track Listings

01) Punjab ( 00:38) MiXile – Programming, Keyboards
02) Stringfellow (03:02) MiXile – Guitars, Programming, Keyboards
03) There's A White Suit On The Dance Floor (04:01) MiXile – Vocals, Programming, Keyboards
04) Brandenbugger (00:26) MiXile – Vocals, Keyboards
05) Happy (04:09) MiXile – Guitars, Programming, Keyboards
06) White Horse (04:01) MiXile – Vocals, Keyboards, Programming
07) Where Have The Birds Gone? (04:44) MiXile – Programming, Keyboards
08) Sometimes (01:53) MiXile – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
09) Gone (07:03) MiXile – Guitars, Programming, Keyboards
10) Who (04:47) MiXile – Guitars, Programming, Keyboards
11) Blues Run (02:18) MiXile – Guitars, Programming, Keyboards
12) Some Parts (06:22) MiXile – Vocals, Programming, Keyboards
13) Hats Off To The Tangs (08:43) MiXile – Programming, Keyboards
14) I'm Not Too Sure About That (04:24) MiXile – Vocals, Programming, Keyboards, Guitars
15) Sometimes (the face) (03:16) MiXile – Vocals, Programming, Keyboards, Guitars
16) Jam Blaa (01:09) MiXile – Guitars, Programming, Keyboards

All music and lyrics by MiXile (Michael Shanahan)

If you would like a studio quality recording of the album on CD complete with proper sleeve notes then take a visit to the shop.


The album concept was developed over 5 days commencing 29 December 2001.

Writing/Recording started in January 2002 and was completed on 30 December 2002.

The final product saw the light of day on 05 April 2003.


Guitars: Columbus 3 series electric & Fender acoustic.
Vocals: A dodgy microphone and some trepidation :-).
Keyboards: Evolution Midi Synthesiser.
Programming Software: Cool Edit 2000 , Anvil Studio, Hammerhead Rhythm Station, Techno eJay 2, Acid Music, WinGroove WaveTable.

Thank You Kindly

Any project like this that takes over a year to complete is going to impact upon a whole load of people.

Folks who helped out and deserve serious thanks include Christine, Peter & Jenny.
Also, thanks Paul for the keyboard.
Cheers to Danny for the subliminal encouragement.
Inspirational thanks to The Rolling Stones, Radiohead, The Pixies and all the many musical pioneers and artists who are willing to go boldly. Of course we give thanks to The White Horse That No-One Can Catch.

Here Ya Go

I've wanted to do this for many years. The idea of taking time out to create & record a body of musical work is a goal that’s finally been achieved.

I've found the creative process to be deeply enriching and the learning curve to be beautifully challenging.

I hope you enjoy the results.

Personally, I enjoy the music via headphones while walking!

and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure
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