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news archive

June 2014

I've spent the last few months creating a new concert of material for the Midnight Sun Festival in Norway. For this I shall be revisiting my Australian travels. Taking in some of the original Australian music and adding a load of never used before field recordings based largely on travels along the Great Dividing Range of mountains as well as completely new musical parts.

This all allows me to take a break from the 'Of Light and Dark' project which is just too heavy for summer listening.

April 2014

A bit behind on updating things here but have been really busy working on two projects and a bunch of releases and re-releases. Also getting ready for some summer events.

I'm thrilled to be performing at The Midnight Sun Festival in Norway in July. Currently working on a new concert of material for the event.

Prior to that, it's Sonic Vigil 8, Ireland and live in Hive Gallery, Ireland. Unique music for both events.

The 'Of Light & Dark' project progresses well. Really dark music so far and not really suited to the summer festival circuit so working also on something 'happier' for those events.

March 2014

On the 16/03 I performed a live/dj retrospective set of material from the last few years. A lovely evening and here's a free download of the performance.


February 2014

Another new release based around field recordings made in the Massif des Maures region of France. It's now available on my Bandcamp page on a donation basis.

January 2014

I'm currently working on a number of new projects. The first of which was released on 01 January. 'Magnetic Island' is based around field recordings I made on Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia in 2008 and then over Christmas 2013 took time to work into a long piece of music. It's now available on my Bandcamp page on a donation basis. I trust you enjoy it!

In December I spent some time creating rough drafts for a large multi instrumental project to be called 'Of Light and Dark' which will hopefully be finished late Spring 2014. And I managed to take some time out to DJ some favourite music in Hive Emerging Gallery, Waterford, Ireland.

October 2013

On 02 November I will be performing live in Aoife's Gallery, Waterford, Ireland. Really looking forward to bringing my music to this new and beautiful space in one of Ireland's most historic buildings.

On 20 October I had the pleasure of seeing my music for Interphase 3 being danced to by 'Animated State Dance Theatre Company'. Thanks to all involved.

September 2013

Despite the absence of news here, the last few months have been incredibly productive and busy. Most of my time this year has been spent co-directing a new and unique Electronic Arts festival for Ireland. Sonic Arts Waterford took place on the 20 - 22 September and brought together some of Europe's finest electronic musicians for 3 days of music in a luxury all seated theatre venue. I performed on the opening night a new concert of material based around travels in Gdansk, Gydnia and Sopot in Poland. This was a development of the work I'd performed earlier in the year in Poland.

Also in September I produced 3 short works to be used as part of a live dance, music and video production called Interphase 3.

And between June and September I managed to do a number of DJ sets both promoting Sonic Arts Waterford and just for fun.

June 2013

A bit behind because so much has been going on of late. The concert at Kolonia Artistow in Gdansk, Poland was truly a memorable experience for me. I've never before had the opportunity to spend several days working on-site to produce a site specific performance of new material. Many thanks to the people of Gdansk for making my stay so beautiful.


Also, just back from performing twice at Love Forest, Sweden. Thanks to the good folks of Sweden for inviting me back for a 2nd year. Such a beautiful place to share music and friendship.

My ambient DJ set of own material past and present:


And my Esko Barba tribute deep and dubby techno DJ sunrise set on the Sunday morning (what fun that was!)


Other recent outings include The Joinery in Dublin, Ireland (which was good fun), Mr Bradley's Bar in Cork, Ireland (which was OK) and Phase One Festival, Leitrim, Ireland (which was not much fun {why have ambient music outdoors in the freezing cold without seating}).

In case you were not there, here is a full concert video of my performance at Garter Lane Theatre, Waterford, Ireland in February. Many thanks to Keith Currams Photography for shooting the multi-cam and editing everything so professionally.


Finally, the Limited Edition launch CDs of Berlin Alexanderplatz are now sold out. The regular CD will now be available for €10 + postage.

February 2013

Berlin Alexanderplatz the album has now been released! The 9 track album is available now for only €5 in digital format and a limited edition CD with prints will be available early March for €20. Check it out. Photo taken at Garter lane Theatre during album launch performance © Chris O'Brien Shanahan . Click tracks below to listen.


The album launch and performance at Garter Lane Theatre, Waterford, Ireland went really well. I believe it to be my best performance ever. Many thanks to all including friends who traveled considerable distances to be there. Also thanks to all Garter Lane staff who made it so easy, Keith for filming the event and Christine for taking some very tasty photographs.


On Friday 08 Feb. I'll be performing my Berlin Alexanderplatz concert in entirety at Garter lane Theatre, Waterford, Ireland as part of Waterford New Music Week. The event is free to attend and commences at 19:00. It will roughly coincide with the digital release of Berlin Alexanderplatz. Physical copies will follow within the next month.

I will be performing at the Phase One festival,Leitrim, Ireland in April and at the Closed Show in Gdansk, Poland in May before returning on invitation to play at Love Forest, Sweden.

miXile live at Garter Lane


January 2013

Some initial live performance dates for 2013 are starting to come together. I'll post back news when all is clearer. I'm also (obviously) interested in playing some new and interesting places this year so do get in touch if you'd care for some live ambient at your festival or event.

The Berlin Alexanderplatz live album is now finished and I'm awaiting a date with the mastering engineer. I guess all will be good to go within a month. In the interim, here's an unmastered version of the opening track:

Berlin 01 Berlin Alexanderplatz (unmastered album opening track recorded live) by mixile

The track opens with the performances from Electric Picnic (Ireland) and St. Patrick's Church (Ireland) and Ambiosonic Festival (France) in left, right and centre channels. Transylvania Calling (Romania) comes in at 02:33, Love Forest (Sweden) 02:44, Knockanstockan (Ireland) 02:52, Tramore Coastguard Centre (Ireland) 03:00, AAC Landgraaf (Netherlands) 03:40. Field recordings made in Alexanderplatz square in Oct 2010, Jan 2011, Oct 2011, May 2012.

November 2012

Mixing is just about finished. Final tweaks. Off to the mastering engineer in December so looking good.

Initial European concert dates for 2013 are starting to come together. I'll post more when things begin to finalise. But, if you'd like for me to come to your festival/gallery/event anywhere next year then do please drop me a note. Many thanks.

September 2012

An amazing night was had at Central Hall Studios, Waterford for Culture Night on the 21st September. I performed a new Ambient - Techno work entitled Großer Wannsee as well as doing a short DJ set of techno favourites. Many thanks to all who played, partied and helped make it the best event in town on the night. Recordings to be uploaded shortly.

Mixing on the new album goes really well. I'm now weaving together Berlin Alexanderplatz performances into a series of tracks. Some work together easily, some need a little more creativity but I'm getting there.

The only immediate performance planned is for culture night in Waterford later this month. Details to follow.

August 2012

Great fun as usual at KnockanStockan. Here's my performance, free download as usual.

MiXile - Berlin Alexanderplatz (improv) live at KnockanStockan festival, Ireland 280712 by mixile

July 2012

Ambiosonc was wonderful and again many thanks to all involved. I also took time to do some field recording in the Massif des Maures over a 9 day period. Expect this to surface somewhere next year.

The next miXile performance will be at KnockanStockan festival, Wicklow, Ireland on the 28th July. Looking forward to my 4th year in a row to be invited.

I have a few performances to complete before hiding away to complete the album.

MiXile - Berlin Alexanderplatz (improv) live at Ambiosonic Festival, France-240612 by mixile

June 2012

This month I perform at the most excellent Ambiosonc Festival in France. Great to be invited back. Working on new material to perform for this!

May 2012

Love Forest 2012 in Sweden was amazing. Sincerest thanks to the organisers for inviting me to share my music and to enjoy the music and friendship of others. Such a wonderful setting in a truly beautiful country. Thank you!
Performance below.

miXile - Berlin Alexanderplatz live at Love Forest Sweden 260512 by mixile

Thanks also to Kate at Wingnut Records in Waterford, Ireland who invited me to play on thre 30th May. It was a real buzz to come back from Sweden and experiment with the music and try some new ideas . Very pleased with the performance and thanks to all who came out to hear DARUGARIES and myself.

April 2012

Just back from another wonderful recording week in Berlin. Hugely productive as usual. I spent much time in familiar locations and managed to widen my search for sounds out into a few new places. The results will surface during the year. Many thanks as ever to the good people of Berlin who are always so welcoming.

I can confirm that I will be performing live at the very cool Love Forest 2012 in Sweden in May and am blessed to be invited back to perform at Ambiosonic 2012 in France in June. Details to follow. Thrilled to be joining so many great people to party and enjoy fine music.

March 2012

Work on the album progresses nicely. I'm now about 25% of the way there. I'm due to return to Berlin in April to complete recordings for this project and to commence early work on the next.

I've also decided to concentrate more time on production this year so will be doing less live work for the next few months.

January 2012

On Jan 20 I performed a short completely new set based purely around train journeys in Berlin. All new music that should make its way into the album mix. I'm now concentrating on finishing the album. Recordings of 14 Berlin performances are being sifted through and parts dropped into the music I've yet to write as well as the original demos.

As a taster, this was the final performance of Berlin Alexanderplatz for 2011. It was also the culmination of 12 month's work - recording, composing, performing and improvising the material in a continuous cycle at events around Europe. I'm very proud of this performance. It will form a central part of the forthcoming album.

If anyone is thinking of booking me for 2012 festivals and events, this is a pretty good idea as to where my music is right now. It will develop considerably as I complete the album and do the occasional performance between now and release.
I trust you enjoy this. Many thanks to all who helped in 2011. Love and light and all that good stuff to you and to all who support my music.

miXile - Berlin Alexanderplatz live at St. Patrick's Church, Waterford, Ireland -19/11/11 by mixile miXile Live - Berlin Alexanderplatz

December 2011

On the 17, 18 & 19th of November, I performed 3 memorable concerts at St. Patrick's Church, Waterford, Ireland as part of the SIRRA film project. These were my final Berlin Alexanderplatz performances of the year and were truly wonderful. Many thanks to Stephen and the Parallel Shed folks, SIRRA people and all who listened to my music and blew me away with encouragement!

Outside of a short Christmas set I'm doing as part of the Speakeasy Christmas party in Sals on the 22nd Dec. I will be now concentrating on taking all the music I've created/performed over the last 14 months as part of the Berlin Alexanderplatz project and turning it all into a live album to be released some time 2012.

Many thanks again to all who heard my music in France, Romania, Netherlands and Ireland this year. Special thanks to the event organisers who invited me to share my music and enjoy the music and company of so many brilliant and warm people. A very heartfelt thanks goes out to my dear magical friends at Ambiosonic.

I'll be ready to hit the road with new material next summer and am already looking forward to catching up with old and new friends and enjoying the sunshine and music together. Drop me a note if you'd like me to join you at your festival/event in 2012.

Cheers to everyone who supports my music, you're the totally most excellent best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 2011

As part of a fundraiser for the Sirra film project I performed a short excerpt from my Berlin Alexanderplatz work in Sals Bar, Waterford on the 06th October in the company of some excellent local musicians.

On the 29-30 Oct., I will be taking part in the AIA Project, Landgraaf, Netherlands. My performance will be streamed on the 'net so looking forward to this.

September 2011

Following on from my recent Electric Picnic festival concerts, here is my Fri night performance as a free download. Enjoy as ever :)

miXile - Berlin Alexanderplatz live at the Electric Picnic 2011 by mixile

Many thanks to folks who came along to my performances at the Electric Picnic. Both performances were recorded and will be taken back into the studio to be worked in with my concerts in Provence & Transylvania as well as the original material. A final trip back to Berlin will then take place for mixing then a release date should follow some time soon.

August 2011

29/08 update: I'll be performing the new Berlin material at the Electric Picnic on the Body & Soul 'Peace Pagoda' stage on the 2nd & 4th Sept.

Transylvania Calling was wonderful and many thanks to all who came along to hear the music.


On Wednesday 10 August at around 18:00 I'll be doing a 2 hour live performance at this year's Transylvania Calling Festival. This will be an improvised performance of my new Berlin material. I'm so looking forward to being back at Transylvania Calling and sincerely grateful to the organisers who have invited me again!

Knockanstockan was an absolute blast. Many thanks to Mar Q for the invite and to all who made the chill stage such an excellent place to perform and enjoy music.

July 2011

It's been pretty busy of late. The Ambiosonic Festival was the most wonderful event I've ever performed at. Sincerest thanks to Loulou and Stephy and everyone who welcomed Christine and I with such warmth. The whole atmosphere at the event helped me to put on a great performance and premiere of the new Berlin music.

Interesting then to go from the most chilled and perfect festival experience to an event back in Cork, Ireland that was the complete opposite.

The next performance will be at Knockanstockan, Wicklow, Ireland. This will be my third year in a row performing at this pretty cool mixed genre festival so looking forward to meeting up with a whole load of new folks and cracking open a beer (or 4) after my performance.

After that, it will be a much looked forward to trip back to Transylvania where I'll perform an almost completely improvised live concert of my Berlin material.

What I'm doing at the moment is taking the original Berlin demos and adding/subtracting/editing the material during each performance. Recordings of these performances allow me to develop the music so that by the time I finish the summer shows I'll have a finished project ready for mixing, mastering and ultimately release.

After that, it looks like my next project will be a collaboration. More to come on that in time but I'm thrilled at the prospect.

May 2011

I've just returned from the third and likely final recording trip to Berlin. I've now managed to record some locations during various weather conditions and at several times of the day/night.

I will be performing (maybe twice) at the Ambiosonic Festival in France 17-19th June . This should be a truly wonderful event with the performance going out on a hiQ octophonic surround system.

I've also been invited back to perform at the Gateways Festival, Ireland on 02July. Many thanks!

I'm almost finished the initial series of 11 tracks. 10 are now in mid-draft stage and a final piece will fall into place as I work through the last set of field recordings.

April 2011

I'm now almost half way through the initial recordings. Tracks posted on soundcloud to date (as below) have received a very positive response so I'm thrilled with that.

At this point I'll continue with the new tracks and start to work on material that's suited to summer performances.

March 2011

Berlin Alexanderplatz by mixile

Work on the Berlin project progresses very nicely indeed. I've decided to pop unfinished/unmixed demos of the tracks while I'm working on them up onto soundcloud. It gives an indication as to where the work is going and provides an opportunity to pass on some much welcome feedback if you feel inclined.

Check back often as I'll upload new tracks and versions of tracks every few days. Many thanks for the feedback to date and keep it coming.

February 2011

Next album update: I now have the bones of a number of pieces in place. The album with be comprised of 11 tracks for reasons that will eventually become aparent. The January field recordings are very atmospheric and in places capture perfectly the mood I was looking for - Berlin in winter. All hugely exciting. I'd love to spend another few days there during the recording process but not sure I'll be able to.

things are starting to look promising for the summer festival season with a few events tentatively arranged. Details to follow once confirmed.

January 2011

I'm just back from another 5 day field recording trip to Berlin so work on the next album is progressing very well. At the moment it looks like I will be working on shorter tracks than usual so have scope to include more ideas.

I'm also starting to consider festival and performance options for 2011. If you'd like to have some very tasty live ambient electronic music as part of your festival/event anywhere in Europe this year then drop me a note.

November 10

In advance of starting work in earnest on the Berlin project, here is a new track recorded at the recent Gateways Festival and the first piece I've ever done to feature field recordings from Ireland. The recordings were made at various times at the Back Strand, Tramore, County Waterford, Ireland and the music is based around those recordings. The festival performance included an hour of new material that I'll eventually mix but for now here's the opening track.  Click the download link to take it away free of charge if you wish. Enjoy and feedback welcome.

Tramore Back-Strand live at Gateways Festival 2010 by mixile

In other news, I now have my initial set of Berlin field recordings sorted and tagged and am starting to work through them with a view to sorting out what might go where and when. Only a matter of days before recording work starts.

October 10

I'm just back from a few days field recording in Berlin and had a wonderful time. Many thanks to the good folks of Berlin for helping to make it such a productive and enjoyable trip. I'll now be concentrating on those recordings for a forthcoming release. Further details when I know more.

Last month's performances at Gateways festival and Soma, Waterford went well. It was interesting to work with new material after nearly six months performing music from the recent album. It was also a liberating to be taking a break from Australian themes after a four year focus. I'm hoping to listen back to the two performances and perhaps upload the audio files for folks who were there or are interested. It's likely that this material will not be performed again as I'd like to move on to the Berlin project.

September 10

I'll be playing the Gateway Festival on the 25th September at 13:00 on the most excellent 4 theye stage. I will be using this as an opportunity to try out some completely new music and have been busy writing and rehearsing for the past month. Very much looking forward to this and it's nice to be working on something a little different.

Also this month I'll be playing 'Beats,Tea,Cake,Boardgames,Eat,WOMP,Sit' an event in SOMA Waterford on the 26th and will also be trying out some new material for that little gathering.

Finally, below is a recording of my 'Live at KnockanStockan Festival' performance. Also available as a high quality free download (click the down arrow). Enjoy and feedback welcome as ever.

MiXile-Noosa Sunrise live at Knockanstockan - 230710 by mixile

August 10

This month I'm taking time out to mix some performances from Knockanstockan and Bump from last month. Both performances were based around the Noosa Sunrise material but whereas I wanted Knockanstockan to be a little bit psychedelic the Bump performance was intended to be more abstract and an experiment in randomness. Hopefully, I'll have these completed this month and upped here.

I'm also considering the direction the next project will take. I'm thinking of taking a break from the Australian series and either concentrating on some European travel concepts or maybe an abstract project that's not travel focused at all. Then again, listening to Robert Henke's 'Intersection' while typing this and I feel a whole new desire to dip into some of my field recordings that I've not even heard yet or maybe even spend a week in a new city somewhere in Europe just strolling around with a microphone. Decisions, decisions. What do you think?

Also, I have some pretty cool new photographs taken by Bamian Byrne at the recent Vineyard show that I need to upload as well as some arty pics by Christine O'Brien Shanahan taken at Knockanstockan and Bump.

July 10

The Munster Express have given the new album a great review, many thanks Liam Murphy!
Read it here: Noosa Sunrise review

Still a bit sketchy but I'll be playing both the Bump Music Festival, Co. Clare and the Knockanstockan Festival, Co. Wicklow this month, in fact I'll be playing both festivals on the same weekend.

Many thanks to all who came to the Vineyard in Cork and as usual to the Live Beats folks in Dublin 'cos we had a great time.

And on the subject of live at the Vineyard ... here is a live performance of the new album which you can hear and even download in high bitrate mp3 for free. It will give an idea as to how the music has evolved through performance since release. Enjoy!!!!!!

MiXile-Noosa Sunrise Live at the Vineyard-250610 by mixile

June 10

This month I'll be doing an improvised jam session with Flynn and Mirolo as part of Live Beats III in Space 54, Dublin on the 18th. This should be a pretty interesting experience all round and I'm looking forward to it.

On the 25th, I'll be playing The Vineyard in Cork. I'll be trying out some new approaches to the Noosa Sunrise material and building on what has already evolved from the album.

Many thanks to all who attended the album launch last month and to Christine, Rich, Gav & Paul who helped turn it into a memorable evening for all who attended.

May 10

I'll be performing in Waterford on the 21st May at 20:00 in SOMA Contemporary Art Space. This will be the official album launch. We are currently working on some custom UV visuals and video to work with the music on the night.
I'm also happy to welcome special guests Rich Flynn & Gav T who will be providing some tasty original music before and after my performance.
It's going to be a colourful and chilled evening with great music.
All welcome and admission is free. BYOB.

So I played twice in Dublin last month. The IGNITE event at The Science Gallery in Trinity College was so much fun. Down below here you can see a HD quality video of the performance with accompanying photographs by Chris O'Brien Shanahan.

I also had a great night with the Ableton Live User Group from Dublin and performed music from the new album and enjoyed some sweet sounds from some of the other folks in the group.

April 10

So, the album is now available on CD with very tasty artwork in Digipak format.

It's now available also on Amazon in digital format.

Call me old-skool but I still think CD quality beats mp3s + you can always rip the CD for your portable listening :-)

I'll be playing a short but very special performance in the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland on the 14 April as part of Ignite 4.

On Friday, 16 April I'll be back in Dublin to play the Live-beats@space54 event in Space 54 again.

March 10

26 March update:

The Dublin performance went really well. Brilliant night, cool music from everyone and a chance to party with some great new friends as well as catch up with those I've met at festivals & parties over the last few years. Wonderful time, and the Aural Light sessions are totally to be recommended as is Space 54 in Smithfield. Good people.

------------------------------------------- 8< --
Loads of news this month and hopefully it's all about to become busy for the rest of the year.

First off, the album is finished, artwork done and a digital release date set for the 15th March 2010. A physical CD release date will follow shortly afterwards. I'll be doing a number of performances over the coming months. The first takes place on the 19th March in Dublin as part of the most excellent Aural Light series at Space 54, Smithfield. I look forward to meeting up with friends old and new on the night. An official launch for the album will be in Waterford shortly.

The new album is called Noosa Sunrise. It is based around field recordings made in the South East Queensland region of Australia. There are 6 tracks:

01) Noosa National Park
02) Breakfast In Paradise
03) Noosa Sunrise
04) Rain Forest Aviary
05) Eumundi Markets
06) Alexandra Bay Track

February 10

... taking a few mins out to update the gallery pages so click here for some pix from Transylvania Calling Festival, Sirius Art Centre, Life Fest, and others.

More news to follow as well as new music samples, artwork, album release and launch performance date.

Meanwhile, here's an unreleased track from early 2009 called Subterrany

Subterrany by mixile

Januarry 10

Not much to report other than the new album is currently being mastered. An album launch and performance will likely take place at the new SOMA Gallery in Waterford in March/April.


November 09

O dear, a little behind at the moment mostly because things are quite busy of late.

The latest is that I'm currently in the late mixing stages for the next album. It will be out early 2010 though I don't have an exact date yet.

It's going to be based around travels in Southern Queensland, Australia so forms part of the 'Australian series' of albums. I'll hopefully be announcing a live date or two to coincide with the launch. Invites welcome as usual.

September 09

I'll be playing a short performance in the Sirius Gallery, Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland on the 12 September so do come along if you're in the neighbourhood.

I'm just back from playing the Transylvania Calling Festival in, yes you guessed it, Transylvania. To say that it was a wonderful experience is an extreme understatement. It was amazing in every way and I'm so thankful to the organisers and folks of Transylvania for showing me a truly memorable time.

my performance went very well too. The performance was comprised on new workings on Australian travels in Western Australia, South Australia and New South Wales to date as well as completely new compositions based on travels in Queensland including Magnetic Island and Noosa. The performance was recorded and may form part of a live album due of release in October.

I also recently played the KnockanStockan Festival in Co. Wicklow, Ireland and ended up doing one of the best performances I've ever put together. An hour of improvised electronic music that I put together at short notice and allowed to develop as the performance took place. Brilliant fun!

June 09

So, the Life Festival performance was a real buzz and many thanks to all the good folks who sat back in the sun and enjoyed my music in a perfect setting. Thanks also to the people who came along to chat about the performance and music in general after I'd finished. A wonderful way to enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon. The performance was recorded for broadcast so when I've finished a little mixing just to get the levels right it will be ready to pass on to Fluid Radio.

miXile live at the Life Festival 2009The Life Festival performance was also a premier of a completely new show based around Sydney, Australia recordings ... and yes, the last track resulted from recordings made in the Sydney monorail.

Some photographs from the festival will appear shortly in the gallery but here's a taster for now :-)

It's now on to Transylvania and the concert I'm performing there in August. The concert will be recorded for a live album due for release some time around late September. It's early days yet but my plan is to create a performance that takes in all aspects of my Australian travels to date with an emphasis on Queensland (heavenly place that it is).

May 09

My performance at the Life Festival on the 31st May will be recorded and broadcast by Fluid Radio in the UK. I will be performing a completely new series of pieces composed especially for the event. It will be quite cool if I say so myself. Do say hello if you're around. Hoping for great weather!!!!

I'd like to take a moment to say a big thanks to Waterford City Council Arts Office who recently awarded me a substantial grant towards my music this year.

April 09

I've been invited back to play the Life Festival again in May, nice to know that the music was so well received last year and thanks to the organisers for bringing me back. I've opted to play the Sunday morning chill session so that will be 12:00 on the 31st. I'm currently working on a completely new set. See you there again for some ambient moshing :-)

March 09

I can confirm that I'll be playing the most excellent Transylvania Calling Festival in Romania in August. More details soon.

February 09

I've decided, for the time being place the 'Kraków' piece on hold mainly because I can't get a mix that I'm happy with. When time allows I'll revisit this again.

Queensland field recordings are being sorted and the first few synths have been laid down. And thus the cycle recommences.

Looking forward to some summer performances again this year and am happy to travel so invites welcome, do get in touch.

Now that the Nullarbor album is getting close to having paid for itself I've decided to drop the cost for the digital download version. You can now pick up the entire album in high bitrate mp3 with artwork for only $5.00 with immediate download. Pick it up here!

December 2008

The current edition of the brilliant Space Music Podcast (S4.09) includes some of my Dubbo and Beyond track from the recent Nullarbor album. Many thanks TC for including my music!

I'm currently mixing the 'Kraków' piece of music that I performed for the plug4 festival in San Francisco. Listening back to the performance I started to realise that it's a cool piece of ambient music and worth taking a week or so to massage the frequency balance and other bits and bobs required to bring it to a place where it could stand on it's own as a release. Not quite a 'live album' but a live EP that will be free of charge.

November 2008

On 06 December I will be performing a live streamed set for the [:] p l u g [:] 4 - San Francisco’s 4th Annual Global Headphone Festival in the USA. As a background, while in Kraków for the Unsound/Placard event I carried out field recordings around the city on the day of my performance. These recordings will be used as the basis for an entirely new piece of work to be performed live in San Francisco, USA for the [:] p l u g [:] 4 festival. More details to follow including news of a new miXile live album to be released in 2009!


Kraków went very well. In many ways it was possibly the most enjoyable performance I've ever given. Part of this was down to the fact that I'd spent several enjoyable weeks rehearsing for the event but also because it was just such a cool experience to have been a part of and knowing that the festival was being streamed live over the interweb was a real buzz. Then again, Kraków is such a wonderful city and I look forward to working there again.

Placard Festival Krakow - Eric and IAlong the way I met with some great people, especially Eric who organised and ran Le Placard events. The photo on the right of Eric and I was taken on the night.

A live recording was made of my performance which will shortly be made available via this site.

I also took time to carry out some field recordings while in Krakow and am very pleased with the results. It remains to be seen whether these will find their way into an overall project or remain as stand alone recordings.

There are some more pics from Kraków on the gallery page.

October 2008

The Unsound Festival in Kraków, Poland takes place towards the end of October and I've been invited to play a set as part of the Placard Headphone events. I'll be playing on the 24 Oct. at 15:00 in Klub RE. As usual it will be all new music but based on Australian travels. Looking forward to meeting new friends in Poland!

September 2008

The 2009 Dublin Electronic Arts Festival takes place in October and the organisers have selected the miXile track Kalgoorlie to Eucla from my latest album Nullarbor to appear on the 2CD best of Irish electronic music compilation to coincide with the launch. Copies of the album will be available in Dublin from the 03 October and afterwards at all festival events.

UK electronic music web site Fluid Radio have listed Nullarbor on their front page. Many thanks Daniel for selecting my work! In coming months I'm due to record a mix session for Fluid Radio so will post updates here along the way.

Field recordings I made in and around Sydney Australia are currently under the miXile microscope which means that work on the next project has commenced. With a working title 'Sydney Voices' the project looks like focusing on shorter pieces of mixed styles and may even take in some psytrance as well as the usual ambient/sound art/downtempo stuff. Far too early for me to be sure where it's all going but I'm back in the studio!!

August 2008

The last few weeks have been quite hectic so there's a few things to mention. I've just returned from an excellent few days in London where I was taking part in a field recording workshop under the tutelage of the legendary Chris Watson. Brilliant!

Prior to that I spent a week recording in the Apuan Alps in Tuscany, Italy.

The month started with my performance at the Life Festival in Ireland. All went perfectly with no technical hiccups and the feedback from folks attending was brilliant. Many thanks to all who came along and took part in my musical journey across Australia. The new work based on Magnetic Island recordings does need some refining so I'll get to that over the next few months. Many thanks to Christine who took the performance photographs and shot some short video sequences.

July 2008

In advance of my performance on Sunday 06 July, here's a short preview as to what to expect.
I'll be performing a somewhat improvised version of the entire new album, Nullarbor. Two of these tracks - Broken Hill and Blue Mountains have never been performed in any format before.
I will also be previewing an entirely new piece of music based on recordings made while on Magnetic Island in Northern Queensland, Australia recently. This work has a loosely thought out structure but as with nearly all miXile live pieces will be largely improvised.
The overall performance should last for around 1.5 hours but I'll be around all weekend at the festival enjoying some of the tres cool music on offer so do say hello if you happen to run into me.

June 2008

The recent Nullarbor album received am excellent review in a recent edition of Ireland's Munster Express newspaper by their Art/Music critic, Mr. Liam Murphy. Check it out here and thanks Liam for taking time to enjoy the music!

I'm now working towards the Life Festival performance in July so will be spending much time before then trying out some new ideas and ways of presenting my Australian journey. Very much looking forward to the event and a chance to meet up with some old friends from last year .... I'll bring my own guitar for late night Radiohead covers in the camp site this time :-)

I've also recently invested heavily in some new equipment so can move away from relying on a single laptop and keyboards. This will allow me to relax a little more about the technology knowing that there are a few more baskets for my eggs to go in, if you know what I mean .....

The summer project this year will take me to Tuscany for some field recording in the Apuan Alps.

May 2008

miXile live at St. Fin Barres Cathedral, Cork, Ireland. Photograph ©2008 Peter ShanahanThe St. Fin Barres Cathedral performance went quite well. Some technical glitches with an amp meant dropping the first piece, an improvised 'Southern Cross' from the new Nullarbor album.
I was however able to premier in full a new work based on recent recordings from Magnetic Island in Australia.
This piece worked very well and it was a nice experience to hear my music played in a large cathedral.

April 2008

I'm due to play the 3rd annual 'Sonic Vigil' in St. Fin Barres Cathedral, Cork, Ireland in May. More details closer to the time. I'm currently in the early stages of mulling over whether to do a piece based around unheard Broken Hill recordings or some Blue Mountains sounds, neither of which I've performed live before.

Just back from 3 wonderful weeks recording in Australia. Along the way I spent some time up on Magnetic Island in Northern Queensland where I got to do some up-close wildlife recording. These recordings should surface in 2009 by which time I'll be finished the next Sydney and Queensland albums. Many thanks to all who were wonderfully hospitable and cool along the way! I'll update the gallery over the next few weeks.

The new Nullarbor album is selling well and the feedback has been brilliant so many thanks to all the folks who have picked up a copy directly from this site or who've grabbed theirs from CD Baby.

March 2008

It's now official, I'll be playing the 2008 Life Festival in July!
Those of us who had the pleasure of enjoying the Life Festival last year will remember it as being the coolest festival in Ireland so it's a real buzz to get a chance to share my music alongside some of the biggest names in electronic music.
It's not every day you get to be on the same bill as Shpongle :-)

The CD launch went quite well and I took time to improvise a new work in progress track called 'Eels v Tigers' (Australian footy fans should catch the reference) as well as performing a few numbers from the new Nullarbor album.

February 2008

An 'official' album launch for the new Nullarbor CD will take place in Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford, Ireland on 28 February at 18:00. I will be playing a short set as part of the launch as well as enjoying a glass of wine with friends and folks who attend. Admission is free so if you are in the area then do drop by.

The new album is now available via CD BABY with worldwide shipping:

Buy the album now

Digital distribution via iTunes, Napster, etc is almost in place.

The return trip to Australia is shaping up nicely and will now include a few days recording on Magnetic Island in Northern Queensland.

It's too early to disclose specifics at this stage but some summer 2008 festival dates are possible.

Full steam ahead and all that good stuff!

January 2008

Nullarbor albumLots happening at the moment .... the new album is released this month through Spaced Records .... I should have CDs available for purchase on the site and through CD Baby by the end of the month .... regular visitors will notice that I've not made the new album available for free download, it's under consideration at the moment but in the interim you can listen the whole thing streamed.

I will be traveling to Australia again in March to carry out some more field recordings and hopefully to play 1 or 2 performances (invites welcome) .... very much looking forward to this and the start of the 2008 NRL season which I'll catch in Sydney .... more recording on the Parramatta river methinks.

I've finally caved and started a myspace page thing (thanks to evilzombiemonkey for setting it up) ....... have put this off for years ....... ok, it's just started, still looks vanilla but here you go: http://www.myspace.com/mixilemusic

November 2007

I am very pleased to announce that the new album 'Nullarbor' has returned from being mastered by Colin Bennun (and a brilliant job he did too, thanks Colin) . A number of friends and folks who've bought CDs in the past have heard the new album and the feedback has been brilliantly positive.

Over the next few weeks I'll be arranging for artwork and CD pressing to take place but in the interim, here is a quick link to the Nullarbor page where I've posted preliminary sleeve notes to accompany the streamed album above.

I trust you enjoy the new work, I feel it's the best yet and I'm very proud of it. Feedback is always appreciated. Along the way, why not pick up a CD if you like it (even high res. mp3s are still lossy).

It's my plan to do some live work over the next few months to promote the new album so invites are always welcome.

September 2007

All has been quiet on the web front of late. The main reason for this is that I have been putting the finishing touches to the second part of the Australian journey series of albums. The album which will be called 'Nullarbor' (after the legendary Nullarbor Plain in Australia where many of the field recordings for the album took place) is currently being mastered by Colin Bennun of OOOD.

Tentative release date for Nullarbor is 19 October 2007.

Work has now commenced on sorting through field recordings made while in Sydney, Australia and these will form the basis of the third part of the project.

June 2007

I've spent some time recently working on a track called 'Extended Blue' which is part of a series of works planned for the next few months. The works form part of an ongoing dialogue with visual artist Christine O'Brien Shanahan.

Anyway, the Extended Blue work is complete and is further enhanced in that it has been mastered by Colin Bennun of legendary PsyTrance group OOOD. Colin has done a great job on the sound!

A download with background information and credits will be available shortly.

May 2007

Work on the Nullarbor recordings goes on and has taken a little longer than originally planned. This is mostly due to having taken time on a collaborative side project with partner Christine Shanahan which will be ongoing. More details on the 'Extended Blue' music shortly.

I'm now working with a new Yamaha keyboard setup which is allowing me more scope and should contribute nicely to current and future projects.

The summer project for this year will be 10 days recording in Sicily. The long term goal is to finish the Australian project so as to commence a series of works based on Sicilian recordings in the Autumn. That's the plan anyway.

A minor facelift for the site is underway. It must be summer!!!!!

March 2007

Coming quickly on the release of the Bibbulmun album last month I can confirm that work is well under way to mix and complete the 2nd part of the Australia project. The tracks I'm working on are based on field recordings made while traveling across Australia from Perth to the Blue Mountains via the Nullarbor plain. Again, I'll be mixing in sections recorded during the live performance of 'Nullarbor' last November. I'm hoping to have this part of the project completed by the end of March 2007 so that I can commence work on the next section - 'The Blue Mountains' recordings!

I'm also looking at some live performances during the year. Again these will probably be one-off performances (each work performed once only). Invites welcome!

mp3 files for the new Bibbulmun album have now been uploaded. Enjoy and if you feel like hearing the tracks in perfect quality then why not pick up a copy of the CD. You know you want to :-)

Another major summer project will be taking place this year. More news to come.

February 2007

Bibbulmun CD CoverThe performance on Saturday went very well and feedback was great. Overall the entire event was a wonderful experience, no negatives and all huge positives. It was also a chance to hear some great music from other folks which is always a bonus. When time allows I'll get some photographs up into the gallery.

The day also saw the launch of the new album by miXile!

The album is called 'Bibbulmun' and features the first series of works to result from my Australian recordings. I'll organise the usual sleeve notes and downloads shortly.

The cover was designed by Christine O'Brien Shanahan based on a photograph she took while we walked the Bibbulmun track.


I will be playing the Sonic Vigil 2 in Cork, Ireland on the 17th February.

The official blurb reads:

Next Saturday 17th Feb. sees one of the most exciting events in Ireland's growing Sonic Arts calendar take place in the Unitarian Church in Cork. Sonic Vigil organised by Cork Artists Collective made its hugely successful debut in 2005 with a twelve hour non stop performance in St Finbarr’s Cathedral returns for a six hour show in the Unitarian Church, Prince’s Streeet, Cork City. Saturday.With artists coming from as far afield as Germany, France and America to take part alongside Irish artists from Dublin, Waterford,Limerick and Cork the line up promises to be very exciting. A difference this time round is that each act will perform separately for around half an hour culminating in a mixed improvisation at the end. A new video collective called The Yo Yo Club organised by Irene Murphy and Collette Nolan will also make its debut. The line up is

Tony Langlois,James Ojeie + Declan O'Meara, Giordai ua Laoghaire,The Quiet Club (Mick O’Shea, Danny Mc Carthy +Guest Harry Moore), miXile, Christian Carley + Jesse Ronneau, Séamus O'Donnell, Mathias Forge + Cyril Epinat + Leo Dumont

A schedule is:

Act 1: Tony Langlois..........................................2:10 - 2:30
Break..............................................................2:30 - 2:40
Video..............................................................2:40 - 2:50                            
Act 2: James Ojeie + Declan O'Meara...................2:50 - 3:10
Break..............................................................3:10 - 3:20
Video..............................................................3:20 - 3:30
Act 3: Giordai ua Laoghaire.................................3:30 - 4:00   
Break.............................................................4:00 - 4:10
Video.............................................................4:10 - 4:15
Act 4: the Quiet Club.........................................4:15 - 4:35
Break.............................................................4:35 - 4:45
Video.............................................................4:45 - 4:55
Act 5: miXile......................................................4:55 - 5:15
Break.............................................................5:15 - 5:25
Video.............................................................5:25 - 5:35
Act 6: Christian Carley + Jesse Rouneau...............5:35 - 5:55
Break.............................................................5:55 - 6:05
Video..............................................................6:05 - 6:15
Act 7: Séamus O'Donnell...................................6:15 - 6:35
Break.............................................................6:35 - 6:45
Video.............................................................6:45 - 6:55
Act 8: Mathias Forge + Cyril Epinat + Leo Dumont..6:55 - 7:15


Work on the Bibbulmun recordings continues. At this point I am about ready to start mixing.

January 2007

Studio work is currently progressing on the 'Bibbulmun' soundtrack recordings.

December 2006

Since completing the two recent concerts I have been in the studio fine tuning the Bibbulmun and Nullarbor works. It's my plan to have these ready for release for early in 2007.

Along the way I will also be working on the next part of the Australian series of concerts which is based on recordings made while hiking/staying in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales.

November 2006

Live Waterford City Library 281006The recent concerts went very well and both were well attended. Many thanks to all the folks who helped out along the way and who offered encouragement and support and bought CDs. When time allows I'll pop some photographs up into the gallery. Recordings were made of both concerts so I'll be working these into something along the way.

In an unrelated project .... I finally managed to complete the 'Harvest Green' track that had been on the back burner since August when I came back from Australia. It's a small work that a few friends have heard in various formats so now it's finished. A copy of the track in mp3 format is available here for free download (right click and save as is best).

October 2006

Live Waterford Municipal Gallery 031106Later this month (October) and early November I will be performing two major new live works as part of the 'Imagine Art Festival' in Waterford, Ireland.

In June 2006, I commenced a seven week journey that took me from Perth in Western Australia across the Nullarbor Plain and on to Sydney before traveling north to Noosa in Queensland and back to Sydney. Along the way several hundred hours of audio field recordings were made to be used as part of a series of electronic music events and other sound based projects.

Event 1
Location: Waterford City Library - Reference Room
Date/Time: 28 October, 2006 13:00 - 14:00 (duration 1 hour)
Admission: Free
Title: Bibbulmun (Australia series #1)

Description: The first part of the series is titled Bibbulmun (named after the 964km track that runs from Kalamunda, east of Perth to Albany in Western Australia. The work will be based on field recordings made while walking sections of the Bibbulmun Track as well as sounds captured in and around Perth (WA).

Event 2
Location: Waterford Municipal Gallery, Greyfriars
Date/Time: 03 November, 2006 19:30 - 21:00 (duration 1.5 hours)
Admission: EUR10
Title: Nullarbor (Australia series #2)

Description: The second part of the series is titled Nullarbor. The work will be based on field recordings made while traveling across the legendary 1208km Nullarbor plain which stretches along the Eyre Highway from Norseman (WA) to Ceduna (SA) at the foot of the Great Victoria Desert. The work will also incorporate recordings made while traveling between Ceduna and the Blue Mountains (NSW).
As such it is a recording of the journey across the Australian continent from west to east.

Minor Note: I've updated the photo gallery pages 10/10/06

September 2006

It may seem like a lull since returning from Australia but there has been a huge amount of background activity taking place with the music. As well as working towards some major live events later in the year, there is the small matter of the "Bend It Like Beckett" CD featuring some of the world's top Electronic musicians and Sound Artists who were invited to take part in the event.

Here's the official press release from Art Trail:

Bend It Like Beckett”

“Bend It Like Beckett” is the title of the second CD released by Art Trail. Shandon is a place of particular connection with Beckett who, on taking leave of Ireland, made a final call to Cork, to visit Shandon and St Anne’s Cemetery to pay homage at the grave of Francis Sylvester O’Mahony aka Fr Prout, a writer Beckett greatly admired. It seemed appropriate to mark the occasion of the centenary of Beckett’s birth by compiling this CD of one hundred works by over eighty artists from twenty countries spanning the globe.

“Bend It Like Beckett” was curated by Danny Mc Carthy one of Ireland leading sound artists who last year co edited (with Julie Forrester) the publication and CD “SOUNDWORKS For Those Who Have Ears” recently listed as one of the Institute of Contempory Arts, London top10 publications and last year he also co curated with David Toop the highly acclaimed exhibition of outdoor sound art entitled “Sound Out” for Cork2005 European Capital of Culture as well as making several installations and performances as an artist in his right..

This new CD has works in a wide variety of forms ranging from electro acoustic, electronic, acoustic and voice to glitch to noise etc., and includes some leading internationally recognised sound artists including David Toop, Scanner, and Stephen Vitiello (who also contributed the cover photo of Beckett’s grave in Paris) plus some of the leading Irish practitioners David Lacey & Paul Vogel, Sean Taylor, Fergus Kelly, Linda O Keefe, miXile , Anthony Kelly & David Stalling, Danny Mc Carthy and many more. Containing one hundred works each sixty seconds or less, combining together to form one of the most unique sonic experiences of the year.

Selection was by invitation and open submission and the call out received a huge response both nationally and internationally with entries from as far afield as New Zealand and South Korea proving that whilst based in Cork, Art Trail is reaching out to a global audience and that Cork is recognised a leading centre for Sound Art both nationally and internationally. The CD is currently available from Plugg’D Records and the Glucksman Gallery, Cork or direct from Art Trail (www.arttrail.ie) or can be purchased online from http://www.aphasiarecordings.com

Further information from info @ arttrail.ie Or soundworksunlimited @ ireland.com

Many thanks to Robbie Sinnott who featured my 'Morning Glory' album on his very cool show on Dublin's NearFM on the 29th.

June - July - August 2006

On Tuesday 27 June I leave for Australia to spend the month of July traveling from Perth to Sydney doing field recordings. In early August I hope to do some recording in Sydney prior to returning to Ireland. The field and studio works created over the six week period will form the basis of recorded and live works later in the year. Roll on the Nullarbor Plain!

April 2006

Some new works based on recent field recordings are currently taking place. New tracks include: 'Birds In Orbit', 'In Space No One Can Whip Cream' and a little thing that has the working title of 'A Few Pints'.

I recently purchased some new equipment to help with field recordings prior to the 'big summer project', almost ready to whip the lid off that one.

March 2006

I composed and recorded two new tracks especially for 209Radio Cambridge in England as part of their recent Sound Art event held between the 11 and 17 of February. The two works - 'suburban spacers on the lawn' and 'in the beginning, there was Plato' are now available as free mp3 downloads by clicking the links.
I don't yet have track info available but will try to have it up somewhat soonish.

Some background work is also taking place on new music. Nothing dramatic, more a way to try out a few new ideas prior to the big summer project, but more on that later.

February 2006

It's been busy of late. On the 12 January I was interviewed on Dublin NearFM by the most excellent Robbie Sinnott. The show also featured tracks from the new Morning Glory album. You can grab a copy of the interview here (10MB).

Morning Glory album coverJanuary 2006

I was a little unhappy with the sound levels on a few of the tracks so pulled the Morning Glory CD so as to make a few changes. Once I started then I decided to move around the track listings and add an additional track that I had forgotten about. So, you may consider the release date to be January 2006.

Free mp3 downloads of the entire album are now available here and the CD quality version may be bought in the shop here.

December 2005

The 29th of December is always an important date in the creative calendar for miXile. It was the date 4 years ago that I started the project that would grow into the White Horse album.

December 29, 2005 is no exception as it marks the release of the new album by miXile. The work which is entitled 'Morning Glory' contains 12 tracks recorded over a period spanning September 2004 and September 2005. From September to December the tracks were enhanced and mixed and made ready for release.

Morning Glory is the fourth studio album by miXile and marks the close of a chapter in my creative endeavors. I can state this with some certainty in that 2006 will see a more regular return to live work and the prospect of some planned collaborative projects.

As of writing (29/12/05 15:16), I don't yet have audio downloads or sleeve notes available but will rectify this over the next few days. A pic of the CD cover is included here just to add some colour to the space.

November 2005

miXile - Live in CorkNovember 26 was the occasion of the first live performance in 15 years by miXile! The event took place in St. Fin Barres cathedral, Cork, Ireland as part of the 'Sonic Vigil' electronic music/sound art event.

I performed an 8 hour long set of 45min compositions based on the Phaedo by Plato. The works were a combination of live keyboards, laptop and electric guitar. I was at times joined by son Peter on guitar and daughter Jennifer on keyboards. Christine in usual fashion made sure everything was arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner and took a few photographs along the way.

A recording of the event was made and I'm currently looking at working these into a 1 CD live release. If all goes according to plan I should have this ready by January 2006.

The work is part of a series of planned live events which will all have a literary/philosophical theme.

Preparations for the live show had the effect of slowing down progress on works already in late mixing stages. These I'll get to over the next few weeks and have them ready for release by mid December 2005.

Party on.

October 2005

Some new material is in the mixing stages and hopefully will go live by the first week in November.

Also, important news to follow regarding a return to live performance work due to take place in November.

August 2005

A number of new tracks have been completed over the summer period. I've been busy incorporating field recordings into synth and guitar based pieces. A new track called 'From The Top Of The Hill, You Can See The White Line' will be posted here over the next few days as a taster for the next full length release due some time in October.

May 2005

A slight lull in proceedings as far as finished material is concerned. I do have some cool stuff completed and am waiting till time allows me to deal with the volume of partly finished tracks and field recordings as well as the 'Les Paul into the Marshal amp and out into the wired up Tibetan meditation bowl' recordings made in April.

A newly finished work 'Off Record' did surface recently on a Podcast by sometime-colaborator and partner in crime P W. Rather than release this track on the web at the moment I'm holding it back till the next full project completion.

A limited edition album of recent and unreleased tracks is currently being made available to long time friends and supporters. Hi Clodagh in London!

I'm hoping to do some field recordings in the UK in June and hopefully will have something to show for all the effort by August.

p.s. Yea, I did notice that the White Horse album is being torrented around the place.

March 2005

The new mini-album (A Place Called Place) is available for download in the discography section and as a CD purchase in the shop.

Sleeve notes are also now in place.

Thanks to the folks who dropped by on the launch date last week and sent in their comments after hearing the new work.

Work is now progressing on the next project which is likely to include more drum n' bass as well as acoustic works. That's the plan anyway with a few tracks down and a hankering for the old 'git-fiddle'.
There again, who knows what next few weeks will hold in store, it could end up being a stadium rock extravaganza complete with a power chords, hair extensions and spandex ;-)

February 2005

Over the last few months I have been working on some larger synth projects. It's hoped that at least 2 of these recordings will be ready for release within the next few weeks.

Part of the work involved spending a few grueling days in Kinsale, Co. Cork, writing music and being forced to eat the finest food and swill down some choice red wine. The hardships of composing ;-)

I also spent some time recently (28/12/04) recording a short 2 hour walk with a view to incorporating sounds from the walk into some synth tracks. At time of writing this particular project is not standing up very well and may be abandoned.

I'm also experimenting with some ideas for performing one-off works live during the summer. Invitations welcome.

08 September 04

A major new project is now ready for release.

After spending some few months working with keyboards and natural sounds culminating in the Strawberry EP I decided to 'hearken back to the old days' and do some guitar based works.

AftermathThanks to the generosity of David Manser of The Real I was given the use of a rather excellent Marshal amp and effects boards for a few days. The DL4 is the business for sure!

Anyway, over a period of around 24 hours I had recorded and completed all the tracks that now appear on the Aftermath EP. Most of these are one-off recordings with little or no post-live trickery.

The title track was recorded as a live improvised rhythm track and then played back once while the live improvised lead track was recorded. The two parts were then combined and I was finished. The whole process took around 10 minutes!

One of the titles - QuarTrack is collaboration with my son Peter who plays guitar while I just 'twiddle the dials'. The track was recorded live and then broken into four parts that were each assigned to various quadrants of the top hemisphere of the head.

During the next few days I'll make these available for download as mp3 files and as usual will have full quality with artwork and extras versions available on CD.

Strawberry27 August 04

Some new works completed and ready to go.

As a background, I'd been working on some natural sounds + keyboards projects since January and these were completed in August.

These works were then paired down to my three favorite tracks and released as 'The Strawberry EP'. During the next few days I'll make these available for download as mp3 files. As usual I'll have full quality with artwork and extras versions available on CD.

18 April 04

New work in progress uploaded.

31 Mar 04

huge gap and such is life in the bunker.

Introduced a new section to cover work in progress and in particular lossless downloads for the fat-bandwidth-enabled viewers.

Edited: Received too many emails from folks unable to understand what shn files were and how to play them that I've decided to discontinue this feature for the time being. Sept 04

31 Dec 03

I've been laying down some acoustic guitar tracks to work with recordings made while hiking during the last few months.

It's also my plan to spend a few days completing tracks during the first few days of the new year. I'm on a roll now so it makes sense to 'strike while the iron is hot' (never used that expression before).

Anyway, outside of my own musical endeavors this has been a wonderful year for listening to new music, catching live bands and music related travel.

Personal live musical highlights of the year would include:

Rolling Stones at MSG - NYC, USA in Jan.
Radiohead at the Olympia - Dublin, Ireland in May (once) and at the Point - Dublin in Dec (twice)
Red Hot Chili Peppers, P. J. Harvey, Queens Of The Stone Age at Slane - Ireland in Aug.
Rolling Stones at the Cirkus - Stockholm, Sweden and at the Point - Dublin, Ireland in Sept (twice)

18 Nov 03

An initial recording is in the bag. I'm not sure how much of what has been laid down so far will make it to the next album but even if it achieves nothing more than a jumping off point then I'll be happy.

The track has a working title of "You Know You Like It" and is purely electronic.

update - 31/03/04 - I've removed the download of this track because, well, it was 'up there' long enough.

09 Oct 03

I've started to examine some new software tools with a view to begin assembling some sounds towards the end of the month.

Looks like I'm getting itchy :-)

If anyone has any suggestions for software prog's that have worked for them then I'd be interested in hearing from you. What I'm specifically interested in are Windows based prog's that either carry out a specific audio task or amazing all-round software synths and Cool Edit alternatives.

Direction wise, I'm still figuring on moving a little less structured than the last album. I have some extended natural sound recordings that I may disassemble and generate some random beats for.

There's a bit of a struggle going on regarding the use of acoustic guitar in the music. I bought a new guitar in London, England recently that I'm in love with and am considering recording some tracks with it. There again, I had planed on the next project being purely electronic in nature. Ah, decisions, decisions.

30 Sep 03

Months later and I've finally gotten round to organising the online payment thing for the album.

For the moment I'm working with Paypal so can dispatch orders pretty quickly.

Work is slow on the new project. To a large degree I've been taking it easy and spending loads of time going to gigs and listening to new music. The summers' in Ireland are short enough so I figured on getting out and using the time to plan and learn before getting down to the grim task of recording again.

This year's excellent gigs so far have been brought to me by Radiohead, Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age, Free Association ..... and hardly any of this (with the exception of Radiohead) will filter directly down into the music I create, that's the beauty of it all.
I've loved all these bands and none of it will be noticeable in my own music!

26 May 03

Initial pre-recording work has begun on the next project. Nothing has been laid down and at this point all I have are some mental outlines.

It's early days yet but I'm leaning towards including more guitar and less obvious beats on the next album. I've been blessed with the use of some cool mobile recording equipment (thanks John) that will allow me to make more use of 'found' sounds' while out and about.

I happened to be at the 1st warm-up gig of the 2003 world tour by Radiohead last week. Wow, the new music is so vital. I suppose this had some influence on my decision to re-enter the frey so soon.

Copies of the White Horse album have been making their way around the world and I'm very happy with the feedback.

28 Mar 03

A major site redesign to mirror the album colours.

19 Mar 03

Fin. Done and dusted. In the bag.

I have the cases back from the printers and am so happy with the results!

What's left to do? get them in the post.

05 Feb 03

I'm still working on the art stuff for the liner.

Most of the sleeve notes have been completed. I'm mulling over whether to put these up live prior to sending them to the printer.

At this point I'm figuring on releasing the thing as a limited edition of around 50 copies to be distributed to selected folks around the world. If anyone has other thoughts on the thing please let me know. I can't see a commercial way forward but maybe it's worth setting a minimal price to cover postage to various places. None of this has been thought through in any detail yet.

BTW, NYC was great and The Stones rocked for sure.

01 Jan 03

At long last, the album is finished!

I'm now working on the sleeve notes and getting ready to press.

At the end of the day I thinned the thing down to 16 tracks with a total running time of 61 mins.

I'd left the guitar overlays till last and these opened a whole barrel of creative worms in that once I started recording guitar then I inevitably started to introduce additional tracks.

A point had to come when I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Anyway, to the folks waiting for a copy, it will be on the way within the next few weeks probably after I get back from the USA.


and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure
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