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and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure

morning glory- sleeve notes

Mixile White HorseTrack Listings

Morning Glory (LP) - 2006

01) dark walk (08:02)
02) a fine pair of elements (03:16)
03) tibetan tango (06:53)
04) and a great sadness did move among them (02:56)
05) charm (03:50)
06 that called for a stiff gin and tonic (08:00)
07) it has advantages (03:53)
08) plains (06:48)
09) crackling cretin (04:44)
10) off record (02:45)
11) from the top of the hill you can see the white line (08:28)
12) a beat as such (01:09)

All tracks by Michael Shanahan. All instruments and vocals by Michael Shanahan. All music copyright Michael Shanahan.

Additional vocal input on 'off record' by Paul W. Additional vocal input on 'a fine pair of elements' by Peter S. Trampoline jumping on 'charm' by Jennifer S.

If you would like a studio quality recording of the album on CD complete with proper sleeve notes then take a visit to the shop.


As a background, all tracks were recorded between sept. '04 and sept. '05. From this I chose the title morning glory which as you may know is the flower for, you guessed it, September.

During the period spanned by these recordings I re-entered education to work towards a humanities degree so thanks to Brian (phil) and Frank (lit) for the literary and philosophical delights encountered along the way.


Keyboards: A few, probably the old Evolution played a part
Guitars: Epiphone Les Paul Studio, Martin DR-28H, Columbus 335
Percussion: Tibetan meditation bells and bowls
Natural Sounds: Sony Mini Disc recorder and an excellent microphone
Programming Software: FL Studio 5, Wave Lab, Cool Edit, Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3, Abelton Live 5, and a few other bits and bobs

Thank You Kindly

No miXile work could take place without the family & friends who help to make it all happen. Also special thanks to Michael for the bells and bowls.

Here Ya Go

Drop this into your music player, put on your headphones and get walking!

and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure
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