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and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure


Field recording in the Apuan Alps, Italy 2008I've been working in the area of Electronic/Ambient Music/Sound/Performance Art since 1986. Now based in Ireland, I grew up and lived in Australia until the mid 70s. In 1977 I briefly formed a punk band and we played a single gig in a hotel in Ireland before being thrown out half way through our set.

Between 1986 and 1990, I performed a number of live visual/sound works in: Triskel Art Centre, Cork, Ireland; Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland; Crawford Gallery, Cork, Ireland and various Arts Festivals in Europe, culminating in the 'Environmentality in CFC' performance/sound art work performed in Garter Lane Art Centre, Waterford, Ireland, in 1990.

Setting up one of Ireland's first Internet companies, studies and young family commitments led to an extended sabbatical from live performance. From the mid to late 1990's I moved from Performance to Musical Art Pieces, and started working under the name miXile.

On December 29th, 2001, I commenced a twelve month electronic music project based on field recordings made while hiking, incorporating keyboards, guitar and sampled sounds. The resulting work - 'White Horse' was released in April 2003.

Since 2001 I've been writing and recording on a continuous basis and have completed eleven albums.

Since the beginning of 2006, I've worked on a number of commissioned works including pieces for Cambridge radio in the UK and a work based on the life and writings of Samuel Becket for the ‘Bend it Like Beckett’ CD commissioned by Art Trail.

In June 2006, I commenced a 7 week journey that took me from Perth in Western Australia across the Nullarbor Plain and on to Sydney before travelling north to Noosa in Queensland and back to Sydney.

Along the way several hundred hours of audio field recordings were made to be used as part of a series of albums and events.

In October & November 2006, I performed a series of live concerts that used some of the initial field recordings made while travelling across Australia.

sinking a beer with the Wallabies on Magnetic Island 2008In March 2008 I travelled again to Australia to carry out field recordings in Northern Queensland, specifically the tropical rain forest national park of Magnetic Island.

In July 2008, I played the ‘Life Festival’ in Ireland, one of Europe’s premier Electronic music festivals. I also played at the Unsound festival in Krakow, Poland. This was to promote the Nullarbor (2008) album.

In 2009 I played a number of festivals in Ireland as well as being invited to perform at the Transylvania Calling Festival in Romania. In Transylvania I premiered some new music based on travels in Queensland, Australia. This Transylvanian performance was recorded and went on to form the basis for my Noosa Sunrise album released early 2010.

In 2010, I again played a number of festivals, galleries around Ireland to promote the release of the Noosa Sunrise album and to experiment with new material. In Autumn I premiered a new work called 'Europa I' at the Gateways festival, Ireland and Soma Gallery, Ireland the following day. In October 2010, I commenced work on a new project to be based around travels in Berlin, Germany.

As of May 2011 I had traveled to record in Berlin three times. Between June and November I performed my new Berlin material at festivals in France, Romania, Ireland and The Netherlands. Each performance was recorded and clips used as part of the next improvised performance.

2012 saw the Berlin project completed in advance of starting something new and performing at events and festivals around Europe again.

2013 was spent performing Berlin Alexanderplatz and a new project 'Trójmiejski Tryptyk' at a number of events in Europe as well as helping to co-found Sonic Arts Waterford, an international festival of electronic arts.

In July 2013 I suddenly became very ill due to side effects of medications for a minor ailment. I almost died during this period and have little recollection of the next 3 months. I do remember suddenly being plunged into a fantasy nightmare where nothing was real and everyone I knew and loved had gone. And just as suddenly, it all lifted and I was fine again. Seriously confused but healthy. I decided to document my trip to hell in music. For the next two years I created what would become 'Of Light and Dark' .

For 2014 I spent some time re-visiting my Australian travels music for performances in Ireland and Norway. I also released two short albums, Magnetic Island (based on field recordings made on Magnetic Island off the coast of tropical Australia) and Massif Des Maures (based on field recordings made in a magical remote location in the South of France.

2015 saw the release of my eleventh album 'Of Light and Dark'. I'm so very proud of this work. Reviews have been great and I'm truly grateful for the support. I also took my revised Australian music to the Ambiosonic festival in France.

2016 is still unwritten but all is looking good so far. The music goes really well. My festival goes really well with new directors to help take it into the future. All is good.

and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure
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