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and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure

bibbulmunh - sleeve notes

Mixile BibbulmunTrack Listings

Bibbulmun (LP) - 2007

01) Flight Path (12:29)
02) Transport (11:33)
03) Skate (08:25)
04) Bibbulmun (18:18)

All tracks conceived, written and recorded by Michael Shanahan

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This album results from field recordings made while travelling to Perth in Western Australia from Ireland in June 2006 & in the period prior to leaving Perth for the drive across the Nullarbor to Sydney. The initial recordings took place over a 10 day period. After that, they slowly evolved during live performances & 6 months in the studio into what is now before you. The project includes tracks recorded in a skate park, several trains, an aquarium, Perth city sounds and most importantly, while hiking the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia..


The field recordings were all completed on a Sony minidisc with Sony microphones.

Once back in the studio an initial set of recordings were made using various software programs to edit the field sounds. These were later developed into full scale recordings for live performace. The results of the live work filtered back into the studio where I used:

Keyboards: A few, including the old faithful Evolution
Programming Software: FL Studio 5 and Wave Lab

Thank You Kindly

Many people were encountered and have had an input into this project. They include (in no particular order): Lori, Spence, Chloe, various airline pilots, train drivers, the staff at the Aquarium in WA, the skateboarders of Perth (especially Aaron whose wheels are central to the Skate track), the folks at the BBQ, the folks who maintain the Bibbulmun track (best signposted walking ever), TEDS!, and all the folks in Ireland who attended the gigs when I returned from the trip across Australia, Frank & Anne for the printing & coming to both gigs.

As usual, many thanks to Christine (who put together the artwork for this CD), Peter & Jennifer.

Here Ya Go

Also as usual, this is music for walking, not for sitting. Enjoy!

and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure
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