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berlin alexanderplatz

Mixile Berlin AlexanderplatzTrack Listings

Berlin Alexanderplatz (album) - 2013

1) Berlin Alexanderplatz 09:58
2) Universitätsmedizin Berlin 05:03
3) Hauptbahnhof 05:40
4) Spree River Walk to the Reichstag 05:57
5) Großer Tiergarten 06:44
6) Friedrichstraße 06:36
7) Ein Tag auf dem Eis 04:41
8) January Ice at Nöldnerplatz 09:00
9) Großer Wannsee 07:37

All tracks written and produced by Michael Shanahan.

CD and Digital downloads (and a listen) are available via Bandcamp.




In October 2010, I began what was to become a wonderful 2 year experience. I had for many years wanted to do a project about Berlin. Any musical fanatic who has delved deeply into the music of that city will understand why. From early Berlin School through to Techno, Berlin is the spiritual home of electronic music for me. 

I started visiting the city and carrying out field recordings in a number of locations. Along the way, I began to assemble some sketches as to how the music might sound. Each visit to Berlin allowed me to carry out new recordings and take time to shape the evolving music. 
In June 2010, I took these sketches and initial field recordings to the magical Ambiosonic festival in France where the material was performed for the first time. Between then and August 2012 I performed variations on the music at 20 different events around Europe. Each time I introduced new recordings and changed the music subtly through improvisation. 

In October 2012, I gathered together recordings of the concerts I had enjoyed doing most and these were then edited into their individual tracks. 

Once I had the 9 final tracks identified I just took all the concert variations and wove them in and out of each other. Simple. By late January 2013 I had arrived at finished mixes. These were then sent to Colin Bennun for mastering at The Stooodio who did some wonderful magic in gently teasing it all into what you now have. 

It has truly been an epic journey and I trust you’ll enjoy the results. Thanks for your support. 

Tracks and where they happened: 
1) Berlin Alexanderplatz (09:58) 
c, d, f, g, h, k, l, n 
2) Universitätsmedizin Berlin (05:03) 
b, c, d, g, k, l, n 
3) Hauptbahnhof (05:40) 
b, c, h, k, n 
4) Spree River Walk to the Reichstag (05:57) 
e, j, l, n, 
5) Großer Tiergarten (06:44) 
b, c, k, l, n 
6) Friedrichstraße (06:36) 
f, k, 
7) Ein Tag auf dem Eis (04:41) 
b, c, i, k 
8) January Ice at Nöldnerplatz (09:00) 
b, f, g 
9) Großer Wannsee (07:37) 

Total Running Time: 1:01:20 

Recorded live in 
a) 21/08/12 - Central Hall Studios, Waterford for Culture Night 
b) 28/07/12 - Knockanstockan Festival, Ireland 
c) 23/06/12 - Ambiosonic Festival, France 
d) 01/06/12 - Tramore Coastgaurd Station, Ireland 
e) 30/05/12 - Wingnut Records, Waterford, Ireland. 
f) 26/05/12 - Love Forest 2012, Sweden 
g) 17, 18, 19 /11/11 - Patrick Street Church, Waterford, Ireland. (3 nights) 
h) 29-30/10/11 - AIA Project, Landgraaf, Netherlands 
i) 06/10/11 - Sals Bar, Waterford, Ireland 
j) 23/09/11 - Culture Night - Jamies, Waterford, Ireland 
k) 02 & 04 /09/11 - Electric Picnic - Ireland (2 nights) 
l) 08-15/08/11 - Transylvania Calling Festival, Romania 
m) 22-25/07/11 - Knockanstockan Festival - Ireland 
n) 18/06/11 - Ambiosonic Festival, France 

All tracks recorded in France, Sweden, Romania, Netherlands, Germany and Ireland and mixed by Michael Shanahan. Mastered by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, Bristol, UK - www.mastering.oood.net 
Artwork designed by Christine O’Brien Shanahan, photographs by Michael Shanahan. 

(c) 2013 Spaced Records


released 08 February 2013 
There have been so many people who have helped to make this all happen so I’ll mention them chronologically: 
Berlin: Tine (my guide, fellow metal head and with whom I spent Ein Tag auf dem Eis), all at Hotel-Pension Victoria, the staff at Jelänger Jelieber, Dave, Dale, the people of Berlin who have always helped make my visits productive and enjoyable. 

France: Kat, Loulou, Stephy, Dmitriy and all the magical Ambiosonic family who welcomed me twice to share my music and enjoy Provence and a glass of rosé. 

Transylvania: Chris, Basil, the drivers & staff at the artist campsite and catering who shared their warmth and Polenka many a night, and the audience who took a break from dance music to hear some ambient. 

Sweden: Sören, David, Eki, Esko and all the truly beautiful people at Love Forest. 

Netherlands: Lambert and all who heard the music 

Ireland: Natalie, Q, Keith, David, everyone who came to the concerts, Waterford friends who've been brilliant, The Dublin gang – my techno family. 

The ears that provided feedback on Wannsee edits: Sean, Selim, Padraig, Esko and everyone around the world who listened to the concert recordings online. 

Of course, as usual, Christine, Peter and Jennifer who understand what it’s like to live with a rock god.


and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure
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